Hudson Update 2

Summer is at its peak now in the beautiful Northeast. The first harvest of local farms is appearing on roadside markets… what a fruitful time! July 31 was Lammas Eve, which is about giving thanks for the blessings of bountiful Mother Earth. I decided to have my Website Launch Party on that night and it […]

July 4th at Kinderhook Lake

The 4th of July was spent with family at Kinderhook Lake. My aunt and uncle own a lovely new lakehouse which is perfect for entertaining. The weather was overcast and chilly but a few brave souls went for a swim. My mother and I have been preparing our house and getting it ready to go […]

Big Astro News this July!

Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion and abundance will leave its watery mother-centric sign of Cancer where it has been for a year to transit into the fiery depths of Leo. On July 16th this will occur and Jupiter will spend the next 12 months in dramatic Leo. Think big, think new, think creatively, think about what […]

June in Hudson, NY

I arrived into Hudson on June 19. The weather has been mild and comfortable with the exception of an intense thunder storm last week. It poured on and off all night but the flowers are loving it. Club Helsinki is a must for music lovers. I saw a band from Brooklyn called, The Revelations on […]

HSA Region Meeting Photos

These photos are from the HSA South Region Meeting. On May 21-22, 2011, the New Orleans Haiku Society hosted a meeting of the Haiku Society of America, South Region. The conference took place on Saturday, May 21st, at the Latter Library. Sunday’s events included a haiku walk in Audubon Park and a public reading at the Maple […]

Juliet led a workshop on "Tarot and Haiku."

Astrology for June 2014 1

 The big news for June is the Mercury Retrograde from 6/7-7/2. Mercury is known as the trickster. Fate tends to play a stronger role in our lives at this time. The more we try to plan or control things, the more the Universe will laugh in our face. Try to go with the flow and […]


What does Seercircle mean? After much contemplation and meditation, I chose the name seercircle for my website which is an expression of my Spiritual Beliefs. A circle is a powerful symbol and it is abundant in nature. The wheel of the year, the cycle of rebirth, mandalas, labyrinths, a magic circle and circle of life. […]