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Kitty and I flew back to the Hudson Valley at the end of June. We’ve been enjoying every minute of it! Kitty loves my Mum’s new modern house with lots of windows and a basement to explore!
Up until July 21st, the sign of Cancer was in control and it was All about Family! Hope you found time to bond with yours! Being back here to help my Mum is very rewarding.
A family visit to NYC via train took place on July 16th. Visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island was wonderful. One can only imagine what it was like for our European Ancestors to enter N.Y. harbor after a long journey to the New World! What dreams they held inside their hearts!
We also drove through the lovely Berkshires and visited The Clark Museum, a prestigious Museum close to Williams College. Currently, a Van Gogh Exhibit is showing entitled Van Gogh and Nature. It’s an astonishing overview of most of his incredible masterpieces. What a tragic and sad life Mr. Gogh had. It’s a shame that many artists are misunderstood while they are alive. The Clark is also showing the iconic Whistler’s Mother borrowed from Paris for the summer. That painting is phenomenal and I could have gazed at it for hours!!!
We also took my nieces to the Wonderful Presidential Library of FDR in Hyde Park! History comes ALIVE! It’s quite an extraordinary Tribute to a very LIBERAL and bright President! The New Deal definitely saved the U.S. as we know it!

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Places To Go, Things To Do

– last updated 9/10/14

Recommended places and things from previous posts all in one place…

Hudson is incredibly Vegan Friendly and hip. NYC is only 2 hours away and many people from the city have moved up to Hudson to open businesses.

I must give kudos to two places in particular.

The first one I must mention is Mexican Radio. I have been to numerous Mexican restaurants all over the US and even in Mexico but I have never found a more Vegan Friendly place! Their menu is incredible and you can customize your Vegan creations and never be bored or disappointed. I absolutely love their $12.00 lunch specials. I am crazy about the wild mushroom chimichanga. In fact, it is the best Mexican food I have ever had!

The second place worth mentioning is Park Falafel & Pizza. This is a totally Vegetarian Restaurant with many Vegan options. You cannot go wrong with Mid-Eastern Food. Their Falafel is light and crispy with just the right amount of seasonings. They also have Vegan Pizza and their soups are outstanding. The Carrot Ginger was very refreshing!

I had an evening of doing Readings at Wunderbar and it was a very positive experience. I was busy the entire time I was there and again I am so grateful to be around such kind and receptive people!

I also had a wonderful night doing Psychic Readings at Red Dot Bar/Restaurant on Warren Street. Everyone was so open and receptive. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to have a weekly set up there.

My Cousin Scott and I ate at Yard House. One thing I must say about Boston is it’s Incredibly Veg Friendly!

Visitors to Hudson often come for the art and architecture but there are some great restaurants especially for health conscious individuals!

Club Helsinki is a must for music lovers. I saw a band from Brooklyn called, The Revelations on Friday night. Their music was dynamic and lively. A set of great musicians who know more than a few chords!

The Spotty Dog Books and Ale is where I tend to hang out a few times a week. Check out their website. The building is absolutely charming and at one time it was a firehouse.

Warren Street looks as beautiful as ever. A friend and I perused some great shops! I have a thing for Antiques! I also discovered a fabulous Coffee Shop called Swallow. Their Chai was heavenly. The Almond milk added the right touch.