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Vegan Lunch picture - delicious food, healthy for you and our planet

Vegan Lunch – delicious, healthy for you and our planet

When you sit down to eat a meal, it is important to give thanks. Do you ever really think about the complex processes involved in where our food comes from? The seeds, land, farmers, trucks, stores, etc. – there are many people involved in the growing our foods.

I became mindful of eating choices during my spiritual awakening which took place in Tucson, AZ 20 years ago. During my studies of Energy work, Healing, Reiki and Higher Consciousness, I decided to stop eating all forms of meat. I wanted my body to be a clear channel for divine wisdom.
I also had read about how much your intuition improves when you do not eat any flesh. Most of the greatest thinkers of all time were Vegetarians.  Leonardo De Vinci, Leo Tolstoy, Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Nikola Tesla etc. the list goes on…

I made up my mind 20 years ago to have a Higher Consciousness life style. I did my own research by reading Diet for a New America
and Mad Cowboy. I became utterly disgusted by factory farming and the horrible treatment of farm animals. I encourage you to do your own research. The documentary Earthlings is chilling but very eye opening.

The foods with the highest vibrational frequency and life form are organic fruits and vegetables. These are full of vital life force energy and directly feed your spirit. Eat them in abundance! I love to meet other people who truly understand the saying “You are what you eat”!

A Healthy Vegan Lifestyle is the only one that feels right to me, absolutely cruelty free. In India, the Hindus believe that we can break our negative Karmic Patterns by not consuming any flesh. It is a very powerful change to make.

To learn more about the benefits of a plant based diet, please watch the documentary, Forks over Knives.  You can the watch the trailer on YouTube.

I will gladly share some incredible Vegan recipes with you!









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