About Me

I was born in Hudson NY, a small charming historic city located on the East Side of the lovely Hudson river.
Growing up on the edge of a fairy forest captivated my imagination. Spiritually as a child I felt in tune with nature and animals at an early age.
Fascinated by dreams, I wondered about their meanings and symbols. This led to an interest in psychology, along with history. I studied at Marist College.

After graduation, due to some fortuitous situation, I ended up in Tuscon AZ. By this time in my life I was reading much about astrology, healing, and other esoteric studies.
I decided to study massage, Reiki,Shiatsu and energy work. I attended the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts.
This experience transformed my life. I can pinpoint the spiritual awakening occurring at this time and place, along with my psychic development also happening. I became interested in the Tarot, which is such a wonderful tool.

One time in Tucson, I went to see a well known psychic who was traveling through the country. I entered the room where he was waiting for me and the first thing he said to me was
“When are you going to start doing this for a living?”

Those profound words did have an effect on my destiny. I feel it is my life purpose to do psychic readings and healing work.

This leads me to my current situation, which is spending time in both New Orleans and my home town of Hudson NY.

I can read energy patterns from both this life time and the previous ones. I enjoy helping others to heal by using my intuitive gifts.

Here is an interview from a show on the BBC, done quite some time ago.