ghostly_love-seatThe word Paranormal conjures up many different images and experiences. To some it may mean hauntings, to others it may mean anything unexplained including UFO’s, visions and numerous mystical phenomena.

Within recent years Paranormal Investigation has become huge. Many Ghost related shows have become popular reality tv series including Dead Files and Ghost Adventures. I actually admire the research that takes place in preparation for these shows.

In New Orleans, I had been contacted by several Paranormal Investigators about researching the history of buildings where activity was taking place. I have a background in historical research and find this work fascinating. In helping with research, I actually said to a client “That’s your ghost”! This was in reference to a strong willed woman (previous owner) who seemed to be causing disturbances in the client’s Garden District home, as a spirit.
Unlocking the key to a building’s history is very crucial to understanding the elements involved in the haunting. I will gladly consult with you about questions you may have in regards to beginning your own research.

My paranormal expertise is communicating with the spirits or residual energy in the building. I can do this by tuning in and meditating without even having to set foot in the place. But I am also available to do on site visits too. And if the energy is very stuck, a house blessing is necessary. I prefer to engage the residents in this process. I can also help with some Feng Shui tips to increase positive energy in the home. A home should be your sanctuary, a safe and loving place that nurtures your spirit. Please contact me for more specific information and prices.


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