The Zodiac Speaks

Aries needs attention
Taurus is about possession
Gemini is a twin
Cancer needs to stay in
Leo is so flamboyant
Libra needs balance
Scorpio is the witch sign
Sagittarius travels just fine
Capricorn can have horns
Aquarius needs to learn
Pisces can be bleak
The Zodiac speaks.


I consider myself to be an Astrological Coach.

Types of Charts:

Natal Birth Chart with Transits
This is the most popular chart interpretation that I do. The Natal Chart is a snap shot of the heavens at the time, place and date you were born. It is very precise and contains a wealth of knowledge. This energy stays with you for your entire life.

Transits are what all the planets are doing now and how they interact with your Birth (Chart) Planets. It is crucial to know which planets are having heavy or light aspects in your chart. Knowing this can help you plan accordingly.
We can learn much about ourselves by studying the wonderful planetary dance!

Synastry (Compatibility) Charts
This type of chart is interpreted to compare the planets of two separate individuals. Primarily, it is used to see how much compatibility there is in the charts of couples, friends, workers, parents or children etc. It is extremely helpful to use for spouses or future spouses!
Are you curious about a relationship lasting or leading to marriage? What do both partners bring to the table?

Find out and have your Synastry Charts done.
Let the stars and my expertise be your guide!

Natal charts are $80.00 and Synastry charts are $100.00.
Please remember to include both names, birth places, birth times and dates for compatibility charts.

Send name, birthplace, and birth time and date for a complete astrological chart.

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