What I Do

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I utilize my gifts in numerous ways. I have always been very intuitive and aware of the Spirit Realms. Working with  Angels and Guides is natural thing to me. I am delighted to share my gifts with you. Most of my clients do not live close by; therefore Phone Readings are a wonderful experience to offer. Before any Phone Reading, I meditate a half hour before the scheduled time to tune in with the energy of the person I am reading for. This allows me to obtain insight even before the Reading begins. I am Clairaudient and Clairvoyant, which means I can hear information or see it in my mind’s eye. Phone Readings are very convenient but if you prefer in person and we are in the same place (Hudson, NY or New Orleans, LA), then by all means I will be happy to meet you in person!

I am also available for  special event entertainment.

Here are the types of Readings I do:

Tarot Card Readings are by far the most popular. The deck contains 78 cards encoded with esoteric wisdom. It is believed that the Tarot was originally in book form and survived the burning of the Library of Alexandria. Tarot cards can trigger your intuition and deepen it by speaking to your subconscious mind. Many of the images are archetypes which have universal meanings. The Tarot can act as a map connecting you to your past, present and future. For me the cards are symbols of insight and the meaning of each card can change depending on the Reading. A very powerful healing tool indeed! Please keep in mind that ALL Phone Readings are a mixture of tuning in and Tarot.

Tea Leaf Reading ( Tasseology) is an ancient art of divination which interprets patterns and images in the sediment at the bottom of the tea cup. This type of Reading is best suited for in person or special events. Tea Leaf Readings are great for parties and showers. Picture a lovely afternoon tea time with the ladies!

Palmistry (Chiromancy) is the claim that the individual lines on the palm can foretell strengths, weaknesses, personality traits, career and love life tendencies. This form of divination has been practiced throughout the world for thousands of years. It can be a very telling and accurate way to tune in to the past, present and future. It is much easier to read palms in person but I am willing to try it if someone could email me a really clear picture of their palms and hands also (front and back)!

Crystal Ball Readings are a form of scrying, which is the practice of looking into a translucent ball (or other object) with the belief that things can be seen. It is a very powerful form of fortune telling. It can divine the past, present or future. I truly focus in and will receive accurate spiritual guidance for you.
Crystal Ball Readings add a certain mystique to any special event and can be quite imaginative.
I offer to do this type of Reading over the phone but since scrying is a very visual method, it is more special and appealing in person.

Clairaudient – All readings include just tuning in and pure intuitive guidance. I channel the cosmic mind, sometimes the most important message will come through regardless of the medium used

Past Life Readings – If you believe in Reincarnation and would like to learn more about your soul’s journey then this type of Reading is for you. Often past life energy will show up in a Reading but I am happy to focus in on only your previous lives.

Astrology Chart Interpretation – with a focus on karmic astrology and life purpose. Natal and compatibility charts available, delivered as a PDF and/or paper copy. For full details, visit the Astrology page

Dream Interpretation – Using my Intuitive Gifts and insight about symbols, let me be your guide into the fascinating world of dreams! Have you ever had a dream so vivid, powerful and emotional that you could not stop thinking about it?
Are you curious about what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you?
I will gladly interpret your dream and email you a detailed analysis!

Seer Circle Blessing BagsI meditate on the person’s name, write up a fortune for the person and a message from the universe. Charge it with healing energy and add the stones and herbs most beneficial to the recipient. Customized – Makes a great birthday gift!

Healing Circle – healing and chakra balancing from any distance

I am also available for paranormal investigations and house blessings.

Readings are by appointment only, and can be done in person or by telephone.

For astrology chart interpretation, name,  birthdate, time and place are required.
For event booking, it’s a good idea to get in touch at least one to three months ahead of time.

For all services, appointments, booking for events and information, visit the Contact Me page or

Inquire by email