Winter Solstice The Wheel of the Year is at a powerful axis as we gather to celebrate the Birth of the Sun! A wonderful time of the year indeed as the days begin to get longer once again!
Winter Solstice is a wonderful time to set your intentions and goals! Here is an idea:

Write down your goals and aspirations for the next 6 months. Put passion and feeling into it. What do you hope to accomplish or work on during the next 6 months? Seal this note up in an envelope and put it away. On the Summer Solstice in June, you may open it, add to it or just reflect on your accomplishments! Celebrate you!

Uranus going Direct can feel like a Mercury Retrograde! Everyone may be feeling more distracted or off right now. Uranus moving forward in Aries can mean people will be more testy or impatient. Please just relax and know when to take a break even from yourself!

It has been a busy Autumn. I have a Haiku Book out now available on Amazon. It’s called The Dad Project Haiku. I’m quite happy with the way it turned out. The therapeutic healing of writing helped me through a rough time last year with the passing of my father. Telling the story through Haiku is very poignant. I’m delighted to share it with the world.

It’s been great to be back in New Orleans. But I do hope to spend next summer in the Hudson Valley. I feel that living in both places is absolutely a dream come true! I will be in New York for the Holiday with family.

Seercircle wishes each and everyone of you Magic and Miracles this Holiday Season! May Cosmic Santa be extra good to you!

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