Summer Update

Leo-2Kitty and I flew back to the Hudson Valley at the end of June. We’ve been enjoying every minute of it! Kitty loves my Mum’s new modern house with lots of windows and a basement to explore!
Up until July 21st, the sign of Cancer was in control and it was All about Family! Hope you found time to bond with yours! Being back here to help my Mum is very rewarding.
A family visit to NYC via train took place on July 16th. Visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island was wonderful. One can only imagine what it was like for our European Ancestors to enter N.Y. harbor after a long journey to the New World! What dreams they held inside their hearts!
We also drove through the lovely Berkshires and visited The Clark Museum, a prestigious Museum close to Williams College. Currently, a Van Gogh Exhibit is showing entitled Van Gogh and Nature. It’s an astonishing overview of most of his incredible masterpieces. What a tragic and sad life Mr. Gogh had. It’s a shame that many artists are misunderstood while they are alive. The Clark is also showing the iconic Whistler’s Mother borrowed from Paris for the summer. That painting is phenomenal and I could have gazed at it for hours!!!
We also took my nieces to the Wonderful Presidential Library of FDR in Hyde Park! History comes ALIVE! It’s quite an extraordinary┬áTribute to a very LIBERAL and bright President! The New Deal definitely saved the U.S. as we know it!

The Sun now shines in dramatic Leo! It’s not a time to be meek or mild! Get out there and shine! It’s about CONFIDENCE and being the King or Queen of the jungle!!! Sadly, the killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe happened under LEO. Perhaps this is about awakening to Animal Rights and Justice. No matter what your political beliefs are, is it really necessary to kill these beautiful and majestic Animals? Remember too that Elephants, Giraffes and Rhinos are targeted too and face extinction if this continues! Please take a stand and BE AWARE!!!

Venus, the planet of love and beauty is now RETROGRADE until the middle of September. It turned retro on July 25th and is forcing many of us to reassess our Relationships. Our last Venus Retrograde occurred in December of 2013 and ended in January 2014.
Do you remember any significant events which took place for you at this time?
It’s important to reflect and perhaps RELEASE any old blocks. Meditate and see the big picture. What lessons are your relationships teaching you??? Venus Retrograde can stir up unfinished business and karma in relationships. An old flame can resurface, old issues may return…

Stay tuned for more Astro Updates soon!! Some big shifts are coming up around the bend!

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