Spring Astro Update

zodiac-Aries1The days are longer and the weather is warm! It must be Spring!
As we leave the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces, we may be inspired to finish up loose ends, reflect on winter and get a pedicure! Pisces rules the feet!
Spring is all about the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries. Set those goals, slough off that winter skin, buy something new to wear, start an exercise program, walk more, eat better, be inspired, find that creative SPARK! Who can resist Aries charm?

I Am is actually the phrase of Aries. AND I am an Aries. My Birthday is on March 30th and I plan to start celebrating in advance as only an Aries can! Embrace your inner leader, be your own person, rebel to make your point, stand out and motivate others!

We have Eclipses coming up soon. Some of us may already be feeling them. Eclipses always stir up some kind of change. If were not happy in a certain situation, an eclipse can make it feel worse.
Sometimes we must get in touch with our shadow side in order to move forward! In October we had the last set of Eclipses. Reflect back on what was happening in your life in October-December. There must be some message from the Universe!

On March 20th, we will have a Solar Eclipse in very late Pisces, almost Aries. Taking inventory is a great thing to do and perhaps some Spring cleaning is necessary to help you release old baggage.
Solar has to do with male energy. It could indicate a problem with a male in your life, aggression or authority. Keep in mind too that the effects of an Eclipse can be felt for weeks before and after it passes. It doesn’t just have to be just that day!

On April 4th, we’ll have a Lunar Eclipse in Libra. Since Libra rules balance, justice and relationships; something may come up in your life to make you question these things more. Aries people will definitely
be feeling this intensity since Libra and Aries are opposing signs. Lunar energy is more feminine and intuitive. Really pay more attention to instinct, cycles and females. You may have to compromise more in order to keep things from exploding! Be patient with the process!

Wishing you a very Happy Spring from Seercircle!

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