Big Astro News in October

LibraEquinox and the magic of Libra!

For the last month we’ve been under the scrutiny of hard to please Virgo. Many of us may have had reorganizing to deal with and extra responsibilities too. But we all can always learn a lot from practical Virgo. The school year starts under Virgo and the reason for this is simple. Learning is a part of life no matter what your age and Virgo is about staying on top of our practical needs and education.Now the energy has shifted into balance seeking Libra. Relationships and social matters come into focus. Harmonious Venus rules the air sign Libra and she surely likes to be the center of attention! She can also be indecisive! Love is in the air and our relationships may need to be reassessed. Do not waste your time in a relationship or friendship where you are not being appreciated. We all deserve better!

Back in April, we had 2 eclipses; on 4/15 and 4/28. Eclipses are little wake up calls from the Universe. They can trigger changes in our life for growth but first they usually bring discomfort. I surely felt the shift in numerous ways. And big changes were set in motion. Perhaps, it was the cosmic push I really needed to take a leap of faith!

We have 2 more eclipses happening in October, 10/8 and 10/28. Expect to see things in your life differently. October is going to be a very important month – be ready.

During eclipse phases which have long term effects, we have to really release and Let Go… the more we try to hold on to something or someone, the worse it will become for us…

Expect to be tested, look for signs, challenge the status quo and take really good care of yourself. Eclipses can stir up health issues depending on where it is transiting in your Astro Chart. The signs that will feel these eclipses most strongly are Aries/Libra and Taurus/Scorpio. But all Zodiac signs will be feeling the effects in one way or another. Stay alert and aware!

Unfortunately, it is that time of the year once again when Mercury must journey retrograde. The cosmic messenger will be retrograde October 4-25 in the air sign Libra. But we will be feeling the effects a few weeks before and after these dates.This retrograde in particular will be about Relationships and friendships. Expect to hear from an old flame, or run into an ex. Someone may contact you out of the blue. Also, expect unresolved issues to arise. What a great time to relax, meditate and forgive.
It is not the best time to begin new projects, sign important papers, buy electronics or push for change. Expect delays and communication problems but try to find the humor in the chaos to pull you through!

Wishing you strength to get through the lessons and Blessings of love for your highest good!


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