August News

Autumn feels like it is arriving early in the Hudson Valley. The weather has been cool but absolutely perfect. Summer is starting to say goodbye…


I have been enjoying my time spent in the Northeast. A quick trip to Boston happened on Saturday August 16. My cousin and I hung out by Fenway Park while some other cousins watched the Red Sox game. I am not into baseball but Football is another story! In New Orleans, The Saints mean so much more than Football!! I am looking forward to the 2014-2015 Season!

My Cousin Scott and I ate at Yard House. One thing I must say about Boston is it’s Incredibly Veg Friendly! Things on the menu were marked with a V. The food was creative and they had a section of the menu dedicated to Gardein, a brand of Vegan meat substitutes.
Boston is such a beautiful city and if you have an interest in architecture and history, it is a city for you!

I had an evening of doing Readings at Wunderbar last week and it was a very positive experience. I was busy the entire time I was there and again I am so grateful to be around such kind and receptive people!

The moving day for leaving our old family home on Becraft is August 25th. We still have much to do. I am holding a Yard Sale on August 23rd & 24th. We as a species sure do accumulate a lot of “stuff “. De-cluttering and downsizing is important. We come into this world with nothing and we leave that way too…
Moving helps you put what is really important in perspective. We have to be realistic about what to keep and what to get rid of.

Things do come full circle… I am ready for new experiences, new cycles and I absolutely need to be planning my Autumn return to New Orleans!
Blessings to you from Seercircle!

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