August Astro News

Scorpio-2This month it is all about Passion and Purpose! The Sun stays in Fiery Leo until August 22nd. Use this creative time to really make a statement about who you are? What messages are you sending out to the Universe? Be clear and focused. There is some really powerful energy to tap into this month, with several planets in Lucky Leo, we can’t lose! Strengthen your faith, reach for the stars and take a risk!

Both Mars and Saturn are in very deep and watery Scorpio. There are lessons to be learned about our belief systems and structure. It is ok to question if you are on the right path. Relationships may be a little rocky this month but Mars in Scorpio can make one feel extra sexy and lusty. Channel this in positive ways.

August is a great month to treat yourself to a massage or other self care modalities. There is some tension in the air with the Leo and Scorpio squares occuring this month. But being more loving, playful and open will help!
Deep healing does want to happen for you this month; trust the process!

Pay attention to your dreams, with all of these subconscious factors taking place, important messages will arise. Keep a dream journal and meditate.

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