Hudson Update 2

Summer is at its peak now in the beautiful Northeast. The first harvest of local farms is appearing on roadside markets… what a fruitful time!

July 31 was Lammas Eve, which is about giving thanks for the blessings of bountiful Mother Earth.
I decided to have my Website Launch Party on that night and it was purely magical. Family and friends came over to celebrate all things SEERCIRCLE! The foods served were Vegan and the theme was Circles. We had Organic Potato Pancakes with apple sauce, Mini Bagle Pizzas, Hummus, Chips, Bread, Mexican Layer Dip with Organic Guacamole and Stuffed Mushrooms.      The party was a success and I am grateful for continued support from loved ones.
I wrote out Fortunes as party favors. For those who stayed late, I had fun giving Readings and we even contacted a few Spirits.

Being back in Hudson is all about Family. It has been a treat spending time with loved ones even my brother, his wife Ann and my 2 nieces came to Hudson for their summer vacation.

I also had a wonderful night doing Psychic Readings at Red Dot Bar/Restaurant on Warren Street. Everyone was so open and receptive. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to have a weekly set up there.

In Catskill, NY they have a community art project going on. Catskill Cats (Cat Statues painted and decorated). We spent an afternoon there walking around and checking out the Cats! Some were extra creative!

August 1 was the closing on my mother’s new house. Now the real work of packing for the move and sorting through things begins… I see a yard sale in our future…

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2 thoughts on “Hudson Update

  • judi

    I would love to get a reading…scary but i think you may be super intuitive with me since we are cousins…and i am really in touch with that…
    let me now how much and when i an make an a point. 🙂