July 4th at Kinderhook Lake

Hudson_7-4-14_Mu_576x324The 4th of July was spent with family at Kinderhook Lake. My aunt and uncle own a lovely new lakehouse which is perfect for entertaining. The weather was overcast and chilly but a few brave souls went for a swim.

My mother and I have been preparing our house and getting it ready to go on the market. This is the only house my parents ever owned and have lived here for almost 50 years. It is hard to imagine another family taking it over… My beautiful Calico cat adores this charming old house. She is happy just to sit in the window and watch the world go by! She is my enlightened cat!

Hudson is incredibly Vegan Friendly and hip. NYC is only 2 hours away and many people from the city have moved up to Hudson to open businesses. I must give kudos to two places in particular.

The first one I must mention is Mexican Radio. I have been to numerous Mexican restaurants all over the US and even in Mexico but I have never found a more Vegan Friendly place! Their menu is incredible and you can customize your Vegan creations and never be bored or disappointed. I absolutely love their $12.00 lunch specials. I am crazy about the wild mushroom chimichanga. In fact, it is the best Mexican food I have ever had!

The second place worth mentioning is Park Falafel & Pizza. This is a totally Vegetarian Restaurant with many Vegan options. You cannot go wrong with Mid-Eastern Food. Their Falafel is light and crispy with just the right amount of seasonings. They also have Vegan Pizza and their soups are outstanding. The Carrot Ginger was very refreshing!

Visitors to Hudson often come for the art and architecture but there are some great restaurants especially for health conscious individuals!

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