June in Hudson, NY

Warren St, in Hudson NY

Warren St, Hudson NY

I arrived into Hudson on June 19. The weather has been mild and comfortable with the exception of an intense thunder storm last week. It poured on and off all night but the flowers are loving it.

Club Helsinki is a must for music lovers. I saw a band from Brooklyn called, The Revelations on Friday night. Their music was dynamic and lively. A set of great musicians who know more than a few chords!

The Spotty Dog Books and Ale is where I tend to hang out a few times a week. Check out their website. The building is absolutely charming and at one time it was a firehouse.

Warren Street looks as beautiful as ever. A friend and I perused some great shops! I have a thing for Antiques! I also discovered a fabulous Coffee Shop called Swallow. Their Chai was heavenly. The Almond milk added the right touch.

The main reason I am back here for the summer, is to help my mother move into a newer and smaller house. I saw the house and it is so immaculate and updated. The attic loft is lovely and that will be my space. My mother is happy about this move. But I am sad about selling our old family home. It is twice the size of the new house and too much trouble for my mother. My father passed away on March 1 and I definitely sense his presence in our funky and charming old brick house. The changes that have ooccurred this year are profound. We are all learning to accept that life is full of cycles, endings and beginnings. Bob Dylan sings about this in The Times They are A-Changin’. This song really speaks to my spirit. How true the words remain and Dylan wrote it 28 days after the JFK Assassination.

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