Astrology for June 2014 1

images The big news for June is the Mercury Retrograde from 6/7-7/2. Mercury is known as the trickster. Fate tends to play a stronger role in our lives at this time. The more we try to plan or control things, the more the Universe will laugh in our face. Try to go with the flow and relax.

 The signs of Cancer and Gemini will be feeling the effects of this particular retrograde intensely. But of course we all will feel it depending on our own chart.

 DO NOT BUY ANY ELECTRONICS OR VEHICLES AT THIS TIME. You will end up having problems. It is best also not to start any new ventures. Money issues may resurface along with unresolved matters.

  Here is the best advice to follow:

Re-evaluate your life

Go within and Meditate more

Finish unfinished business

Do not sign important papers

Re-connect with people from your past

And most importantly RELAX

Our last Mercury Retrograde was in February,  please think about what events were occuring in your life at that time. You may need to resolve or release some stagnant energy from that time.

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