What does Seercircle mean? After much contemplation and meditation, I chose the name seercircle for my website which is an expression of my Spiritual Beliefs.

A circle is a powerful symbol and it is abundant in nature. The wheel of the year, the cycle of rebirth, mandalas, labyrinths, a magic circle and circle of life. Every day we constantly see circles, the planets, fruits and certain
vegetables, wheels, flowers etc. And the famous saying when something is nearing completion, we say it has come
full circle…

Suffice it to say, we all have our interactions with circles!

A Seer is a visionary who can see beyond the ordinary. I consider myself to be a Modern Day Mystic/Seer. I am
excited to be able to share my Psychic/Healing gifts with you!

SEERCIRCLE is about opening oneself up to messages and insight from the loving Universe. By gazing into
your energy circle, the presence of who you are in this lifetime unfolds. I am here to inspire and uplift. Readings
are meant to be sacred.

Please read through my website, check out the pages and get a sense of the magic of SEERCIRCLE. I do
hope you will become a part of my inner circle…

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