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The Wheel of the Year is at a powerful axis as we gather to celebrate the Birth of the Sun! A wonderful time of the year indeed as the days begin to get longer once again! Winter Solstice is a wonderful time to set your intentions and goals! Here is an idea: Write down your […]

Winter Solstice

Summer Update

Kitty and I flew back to the Hudson Valley at the end of June. We’ve been enjoying every minute of it! Kitty loves my Mum’s new modern house with lots of windows and a basement to explore! Up until July 21st, the sign of Cancer was in control and it was All about Family! Hope […]

Spring Astro Update

The days are longer and the weather is warm! It must be Spring! As we leave the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces, we may be inspired to finish up loose ends, reflect on winter and get a pedicure! Pisces rules the feet! Spring is all about the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries. Set […]

Big Astro News in October

Equinox and the magic of Libra! For the last month we’ve been under the scrutiny of hard to please Virgo. Many of us may have had reorganizing to deal with and extra responsibilities too. But we all can always learn a lot from practical Virgo. The school year starts under Virgo and the reason for […]

August Astro News

This month it is all about Passion and Purpose! The Sun stays in Fiery Leo until August 22nd. Use this creative time to really make a statement about who you are? What messages are you sending out to the Universe? Be clear and focused. There is some really powerful energy to tap into this month, […]

Big Astro News this July!

Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion and abundance will leave its watery mother-centric sign of Cancer where it has been for a year to transit into the fiery depths of Leo. On July 16th this will occur and Jupiter will spend the next 12 months in dramatic Leo. Think big, think new, think creatively, think about what […]